About Me

Hi there. You’re here, so I guess you want to know more about me. Okay then! You can choose to just learn a little, or learn a lot. (I like to give people choices.) I won’t be offended either way.

My name is E. Marie Robertson. I live in South Carolina with my awesome boyfriend and our 9 cats. (Yes, that’s a lot of cats. No, it’s not a problem. No, we didn’t intend to have 9 cats, it just sort of happened. Yes, I’m always covered in cat hair.)

If you just want the summary it’s this: I have degrees in Journalism (BS) and Studio Arts (MFA). I teach art appreciation and art history at a local technical college. I’ve published lots of journalistic articles in various places, and some short stories in small literary magazines. I’m currently working on my first novel; thank you for asking! Now if you want more, read on.

I’m a writer of both fiction and nonfiction. I wrote my first short story when I was about 8 years old, I think. I vaguely remember it had something to do with spelunking, and ghosts, and two kids exploring a cave and a ham sandwich that appeared out of nowhere. (I mean come on, I was 8. My main influence was Scooby-Doo.) A teacher dubbed me “the writer” and after that, it was on. I decided I was going to be a writer.

I somehow forgot about “being a writer” and instead got a degree in journalism. So that’s what I did after college. It was great from a writing standpoint, because I got to do a lot of writing that was actually published, and from a people standpoint, because I got to meet a lot of really interesting people. But not so great from the standpoint of the fact that I kind of hated being a journalist. The introvert part of my “extroverted introvert” didn’t like pestering people for comments, or bringing up unpleasant things. I’ve also recently realized that I like being the expert, and when you’re a journalist, you always have to quote someone else as the expert, even when it’s an area in which you really do have expertise.

I went on to become a corporate communications specialist, a magazine editor, a newsletter editor, a video production manager, a communications planning strategist, a web developer/designer, a print project manager, a digital project manager, a digital marketing consultant, a fine art photographer/videographer/installation artist, a painter, a hands-on art teacher, a web development/object oriented programming professor, a virtual reality build hobbyist and an art appreciation/art history professor. All great experience, none of it writing the kind of thing I’d had in mind when I was 8.

At some point, I remembered wanting to be a writer and I decided it wasn’t too late to do something I’d meant to do for basically forever, and here we are. I am well on the way to completing my first novel (goal for Draft 0 is the end of April 2019, with first and second edits to be completed by the end of July 2019). That’s just the beginning; that novel is part of a two- or three-book series, and I have three or four partially-written manuscripts floating around on my hard drive, all of which deserve my attention. And I have a lot of ideas. So stay tuned.

You made it all the way to the end! Wow, you’re a real fan. If you want more, please check out my Instagram feed, Facebook author page, and coming soon my Patreon page, where I offer delightful goodies as a thank you for your support.