Read Write Geek reboots TODAY!

So the Podcast reboot has shaped up nicely. I’m so dumb, I thought nobody would want to be a guest, but it turns out lots of people want to be guests. They just weren’t psychic and I had to, you know, SAY SOMETHING.

Let that be a lesson, kiddos. Say something. Nice surprises await.

Some of the nice surprises awaiting you when Read Write Geek relaunches on Feb. 11:

  • author tips and tricks, from goal-setting to finding an agent
  • interviews with authors at every stage of the journey, from just starting out to indie published to agented and traditionally published
  • fun writing games
  • a contest or two
  • exploring the TBR shelf
  • news and events from the quagmire that is Social Media–I get dirty so you don’t have to 😉

Don’t miss the reboot, launching with podcasts about goal setting as well as TWO terrific author interviews (girls who write horror, anyone?).

Find Read Write Geek wherever you get your podcasts, or check out the show website here. Don’t forget to subscribe!