Draft 0 Complete!

Last night I completed Draft 0 of my first novel, Nothing Larger Than These Stars. My first concern is that I’m probably going to have to change the name, because the title is based on something I thought was going to be amazing backstory that might in fact get yanked in editing altogether. But I’m trying not to think about that for a few days.

Editing will start July 1. It’s a little more than 125,000 words long.

Here’s the summary:

Eight years ago on the Company-owned Home World, Faith Feathergrass lost her community, her home, her trust, her lover, and nearly her life. Since that time, she’s found solace and something like peace on the quiet little independent service planet Iona. But her neat predictable routine goes topsy-turvey when a new transfer to Iona is found turning blue–and entering a mysterious deep state of stasis. It’s soon clear that someone is trying to get rid of the population of Iona any way they can. Faith soon learns that the very guts of her little planet contains something the Company would do almost anything to control. Can Faith and her unlikely collection of allies stop the threat to Iona? Or will they succumb to the Company’s will just like other planets before them?

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