Is This a Lemon or a Lemonade Kit?

So many things to report. This blog post might take a little longer than 5 minutes.

I found out yesterday that my teaching load will be half what it usually is for Fall. That means I’ll have twice as much “open time” as I was expecting, but also I’ll have half as much money. This might seem like a terrible dilemma. But on the other hand, it could also be a tremendous opportunity–not so much life handing me a lemon, but more like life handing me a do-it-yourself lemonade kit.

To be honest, I asked the Universe for this, and it delivered.

Factually, I asked the Universe for more time to focus on my writing and getting my writing published. I asked for a way to maintain the schedule that feels good and healthy and productive to me. I did not ask for half as much guaranteed income, but the day before I got this news I had a huge mental download of different ways to make money that I wanted to investigate and pursue. And then I got a surprise invitation to participate in a Super Secret Project that has the potential to be imminently monetizable (no, no I’m not going to tell you, I wasn’t kidding when I said it was super secret).

Just prior to this news, I received a surprise web design contract that will net me … you guessed it, about half of my normal monthly teaching income.

All summer my readings have been telling me to get ready to let something go, always with the caveat that I’m letting something go to make room for something better. This might be the moment, kids.

All you manifesters and witchy ones out there take note: be ready to receive what you ask for, and be ready to mean it when you say you are surrendering to the process.

I have a lot more witchy stuff to say about this, but that’s another blog post–or maybe another blog.

Anyway. Announcing a few pieces of the Lemonade Kit here that may be relevant to you, my loyal 7 readers 😉 …

  • You can look forward to blog posts on a more regular schedule, with a stronger focus on helping fiction writers do All The Things. Yay!
  • I will IN FACT be cranking up the Be A Better Writer Series, both here and on my podcast
  • Serialized fiction is happening. Look for an announcement soon.
  • Courses are happening. Look for a poll soon on what you would like to learn
  • New services are happening. Web design is an easy one and already described on my business page at, but there will also be new services for writers.
  • Some fun stuff/merch that I hope you will enjoy.

Any thoughts about something you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Is This a Lemon or a Lemonade Kit?

  1. I love this post so much! I definitely agree that the universe provides what we ask for… even if it’s just by giving us a lemonade kit to go with all the lemons! Such a great analogy! Congrats on manifesting what you wanted! ??????

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