You CAN Publish & Thrive!

It’s that time again, and I’m so excited! My friend Sarra Cannon is running the next cycle of her wonderful 5-week course on Indie publishing, Publish & Thrive, starting August 9. I’ve gotten so much out of this course every time I’ve taken it. Whether you’re committed to the indie publishing path or just considering it as a potential future option, this is the course for you!

You’ll learn everything you need to know not only to navigate the increasingly complex waters of successful indie publishing, but also get LIFETIME ACCESS to updated information and a lively group of authors who support each other and cheer each others’ wins. But that’s not all. This course also gives you tools and structures to help you balance writing, business, family and fun so you don’t burn out and nothing falls “between the cracks.”

I can’t say enough about this course, so I’ll just say COME JOIN US. You’ll be glad you did!

Learn more and sign up here!

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