My Podcast is Back!

No doubt all 3.4 of my regular blog followers who are also among the 1.1 regular consumers of my podcast will be delighted to know that Read Write Geek will be back online next week, with promises of engaging content, fascinating guests, and plenty of weird stuff scattered all the way through.

We’ll be kicking off September 9 with a READING podcast, whereby we’ll investigate a few books on the Hugo shortlist for Best Novel (along with a little side-eye at the Hugo Awards themselves). Look (listen?) for a WRITING-flavored episode on September 16 as I’ll take a look at paying markets for creative writing. Don’t miss the GEEK theme on September 23, when I report on some very weird (and creatively inspiring) science. We’ll finish up September with an interview with prolific UK horror writer Nicole J. Simms. If you write horror or are even thinking about it, you won’t want to miss it!

Each podcast will be supported by a blog post here, where I’ll list additional resources or respond to questions/comments. And we’ll have our own Hugo Awards vote here, so be ready!

Read Write Geek will offer new content every Thursday. Subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode; find it here or wherever you consume your favorite podcasts. Tell your friends!

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